Tuesday, January 30, 2007


When will this misery stop???
I thought I had finally seen my last Kleenex for a while after that horrible 2-week cold. But for the past 2 days  I have been suffering from insane sneezing fits.  As though my allergies have been making up for lost time.  Bastards!!

If I don't clamp my nose shut, I just start violently sneezing. 
I'll just be sitting there, and snot just dribbles out my nose.
It's not a cold, I can tell the difference. 

I usually use a nose steroid, flonase, but right now it is not doing the trick.  I'm miserable.
I was wholly unable to concentrate at work today. I just want to have a wad of Kleenex jammed up my nostrils.  It makes me feel better and boy.. wouldn't I look HAWT??!

And I am too cheap to buy Claritin, because I'm convinced after today I'll be back to normal and the Flonase will be all I need.  I finally ordered my Hello Kitty humidifier but it won't get here for another 9 days!!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Thats the Deal

It's casual Friday and I'm wearing:
Blue Cult™ Straight Leg Denim, Low Rise tucked into my Frye™ Boots(Antiqued Gold)

Light Pink Splendid™ long sleeve tee.
Cropped double breasted blazer
Kinda like this, but not really. Think Sherlock Homes trenchcoat, but short.

My boss who is in her 50's and drinks Diet Coke for breakfast(does that paint a picture for you?) doesn't like the look of my underwear.
Oh yeah, I'm also wearing these:
Elle MacPherson "Harmony" Thong

As I sit here at my desk calculating my Okinawa Currency Conversion, she asked her assistant to come over to tell me that I might want to "pull my pants up". ... Well, they're low rise, I can't without giving myself a wedgie and probably a yeast infection ... So, today, Friday, you get buttcrack or underwear. That's the deal. As long as I am still young enough.. and not fat enough to wear my Blue Cults... then thats the deal. I know, I know. Having my undies hanging out is not the most professional look out there. But I get to wear jeans to work once a week, sometimes less. Just cut me some slack with my wardrobe. And these aren't even my super duper lowrise. My underwear was not up to my waist or anything. As you can see, these are pretty lowrise themselves. And I'm not parading around the office, or in a meeting (that's another story for another time).... if you don't like it, dont' look. That's the deal.

What's hilarious is if my boss were a man... I'd probably get a f&cking promotion.

PS. OOhhh, I'm also wearing these(except with larger Smoked Topaz)... LOVE THEM! (Just thought I'd complete my outfit for you all! HA!)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

He's Come a Long Way Baby

Oscar nominations came out this morning. And who would've ever thought that Mark "Don't Call Him Marky" Wahlberg would edge out Jack Nicholson in an Acting Category?

I think Eddie Murphy or Alan Arkin have got you beat for the Supporting Actor statue, but hey.. for the next 30 days, the dream is alive. He COULD win an Academy Award!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Showtunes and Snake Gall

Six days of coughing from a viral infection has resulted in laryngitis. Sitting home answering the phone, I felt like Carol Brady being tested by that pesky husband of hers.
"You're not supposed to be talking!??"
"Then stop calling me!"

Losing my voice is especially problematic.. As I lay low at home, I find the laryngitis prohibits a sing-along to my iTunes showtunes playlist! I open my mouth to belt along to "Come on babe, Why don't we paint the town? And all that Jazz.!!" but nothing comes out! I gasp as I clutch my throat. What sort of injustice is this? What is to become of my Big Finish??!!! "Oh, I love my life.. And all thaaat Jaaaaaazzzzzzz!"

With my Broadway debut waylayed, that's how I embarked on the light fixture odyssey. But that is another story best left for another time. Thank goodness I at least snuck in a dearly needed manicure/pedicure on Friday. I at least feel half human.

What I've got is not an Avian flu of any sort, so that's a plus. But I've been out of commission for a week, with a decent nights sleep far out of reach. I've got a daily rotation of Tylenol Cold, Mucinex, Nyquil, my prescription cough syrup; not to mention, the parade of vitamins. EDIT: Oh and yes, I have been drinking tons of hot water with fresh lemons and honey. Sometimes I mix it up with a bag of Tazo Sweet Wild Orange Tea. But despite the codeine laced cough syrup, I was still waking up at 3am hacking up a lung. I've fallen back on my trustworthy Nyquil. *Note the half-empty bottle!

Yesterday, after a week with very little change, my hypochondriac father became worried and whipped out *TADA*!! Ancient Chinese Secret.

You are looking at powdered tendrilleaf fritillaryand snake gall.

The only thing I could find on snake galls is it's aphrodisiac powers. I guess once the yucky stuff is out of my lungs, I should be up for serious boom boom in the bedroom! w00t!!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Some Were More Golden than Others

Soooooooo the Golden Globes.
Bear with me as I collect my thoughts through this Flu Fog I'm in...
First and foremost, at least Sienna-fucking-Miller did not disappoint. She looked like Heidi at the Edelweiss Prom.

In comparison, the BEST dressed of the evening was another petite blond, Reese.
Not only is the Nina Ricci cocktail dress and red heels SPOT ON.. but she just had that special glow. She looked fabulous from the inside out. Hmmm. Could it be? Divorce becomes her.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mock Me Not

Many of you have mocked my interest in the Timberlake arts... and normally I would fight you tooth and nail, but by now I think dear Justin has proven himself. Afterall, he made Saturday Night Live funny again.

So pardon me as I go watch His Hotness shake his D!ck in a Box tonight AND tomorrow night. [insert "Sexyback" joke here]

*teary* My little N'Syncer is All Grownz Up.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Hollywood Playoffs

There's a lot of activities lined up for this weekend... Not the least of which is the Golden Globes, the awards show that will officially kickoff Movie Awards Season. All of which, of course, will culminate in the female Super Bowl, the Academy Awards®. In other words kiddies, its my favoritest time of year!

But this year it's January and I'm not scrambling for movie dates. Although each passing year seems to bring a less bountiful harvest of quality films (Big Studio releases or otherwise), I can usually find SOMETHING of merit. This year has been slow. Slow enough for Beyonce Knowles to get a Globe Nomination, enough said. But there must be something out there worthy of at least a matinee?? The Annual Rundown of movies I'll scramble for:

From all the press and just based on her performance in HBO's Elisabeth I, Helen Mirren is a shoe-in for Best Actress. And I've been a fan of Steven Frear's films since My Beautiful Laundrette. God Save the Queen!

Is there anything these 2 women can't do? Dame Judi Dench as a lesbian? Brokeback Scandal, I mean, Notes on a Scandal may prove to be the only true challenge to Helen Mirren.

A possible Best Actor Nod? And look, its the Embarcadero in the back? GOTTA fit this Pursuit of Happyness in.

The movie poster alone is enough to entice me but Perfume is such an intriguing story about scent, obsession, and murder that even if I don't get to see the movie, I will read the book. The idea of Dustin Hoffman in powdered face is offputting but I'm game.

Edit: Oops. How could I forget about this one? Advance word on Alphadog is not great(although JT is getting fair reviews).. but who cares?? Look at those abs. I do find it interesting though, that Nick Cassavetes went from directing The Notebook to this. Methinks he must like exploring teenage angst.

Overall a stellar acting bunch... but I have yet to come across anything remotely close to Best Picture. Who is going to step up?? And don't tell me The Departed.

Monday, January 08, 2007


Edit: THIS! Introducing the new Motorola Z6 slider with new, faster, crisper operating system. ME wants it!! My PRECIOUSSSSSSSSS....

EDIT2: I hear my boss talking on the phone with a friend about movies and the Oscars and yada yada. She keeps pronouncing it Bor-ROUGHT. As if Borat were French.

ggggaaaa. I need to put my headphones on now.

It has taken me a long time to decide I want these boots. And of course, now they're sold out on every website and store I've been to. Which only makes me want them more!!!!


And I woke up today with a Red Eye. No, I did not catch a Red Eye flight back home.. I literally woke up with a Red Right Eye. I doused it in Visine which maybe turned it pink for about an hour. But now, the inner corner is back to Red.

2007 is not boding well.. Red Eyes, Sold Out Boots, Marilyn Manson divorces, leaving him loose on the prowl again. Yeah. I'm superstitious like that.

Friday, January 05, 2007

The Gentlelady from California

Get ready everyone cuz Nancy Pelosi's in the Hizzouse!!

For the first time in its 218-year history dating to the beginnings of the American republic, The U.S. House of Representatives elected a woman Speaker yesterday when it chose Rep.Pelosi to lead the chamber. She also became the first Californian and the first San Franciscan to head the 435-member lower house of Congress. Can I get a "whut whut"?!!

As I watched the footage of Nancy striking the gavel, I became teary (damn this Winter Malaise!). I suppose no big surprise as I always seem tear up at the sight of history being made. Although I certainly have no aspiration to a career in politics, it was not lost on me that not only was this "a
historic moment for the Congress [but] an historic moment for the women of this country." Pelosi's selection as speaker puts her second in line of presidential succession, behind Vice President Dick Cheney. I wonder how it feels to be the most powerful woman in American Politics?

And I wonder how must it feel to be able to cast your vote during such a momentous vote?
It seemed many of the Democrats, announcing their votes, could barely contain their pride in their new speaker.

Rep. Sam Farr, D-Carmel, said: "As a native of San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi.''

First-term Rep. Jerry McNerney of Pleasanton rose and said, "It is my pleasure to cast my first vote in this House for Nancy Pelosi.''

Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee of Texas, intoned, "Today we make history for a new America. Enthusiastically for Nancy Pelosi.''

Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., added, "On this historic day when the eyes of the nation are upon us and on our history, I am very proud to cast my vote for the young lady from California, Nancy Pelosi.''

Indeed, even as Rep Boehner, R-Oh, handed over the gavel in his speech to the House was gracious and aware of the moment's history.

"Today marks an occasion I think the Founding Fathers would approve of. Today, whether you are a Democrat, Republican or independent, today is a cause for celebration.''


Monday, January 01, 2007

Fine Shampanya..

Happy New Year My Dahlings.
Cheers to a Sparkling 2007!
Would you like some fine shampanya??