Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Not too much to report at the moment.
But I leave you with my favorite website of the week.. for anyone who's ever bore witness to passive aggressive notes(and who hasn't?), you'll love this...

Monday, May 21, 2007

My California Coast

I missed the Bay to Breakers this year. But I made up for it with a great weekend up the California Coast. For all the times I curse the lack of street parking, my garden vandals, and the high cost of living... I have a weekend like this and I am reminded again why Northern California is one of the most amazing places to live.

The Mar Vista Cottages are a gem, be sure to tell Renata and Tom that Rowdeezy sent you!

I've worked my way through a pastry or two. Believe me, Franny's Cup & Saucer in Point Arena, California(pop. 474) is on par with the best of ANY big city bakery. We had a delightful time spent just drooling over everything in the shop.
Can you smell the buttery goodness??
D even got me out of bed and in the car with minimal complaints so we could catch Bowling Ball Beach at lowtide.
And how could we talk about the coast without a lighthouse? The tallest one on the West Coast in fact. What can I say? Size matters...
And seafood. I haven't even mentioned the seafood yet!

And on our last night, as though to tuck us in, the Crescent Moon made an appearance with Venus.
Goodnight California Moon!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dress Code

I never seem to be wearing the right thing.
Beginning in High School, I always seemed to be getting in trouble for wearing the wrong thing.
You see, I spent 21/2 years in private Catholic School. And yes, this involved white button up shirts, standard regulation navy skirts, standard regulation navy cardigans, and even standard regulation sweater vests.

But the cardigans were of some bulky acrylic blend (it was the 80's, synthetic fibers were not what they are today.) that had no shape and fitted poorly. Actually, I'm wrong. They actually were of some weird square shape; but they still fitted poorly. I much preferred my vintage navy blue argyle sweater. It was warmer and it gave me just the right oldey timey studious look. But Sister Mary Annetta begged to differ. So did Dean Whats-Her-Face. I always did an about face in the halls once I saw Dean WHF. On some days it was like the gunfight at the OK Corral, a showdown between Good and Evil. Sometimes Evil prevailed and I got my share of demerits.

One Christmas in the early 90's I earned some extra Christmas money working at JcPenney's for the Holidays. If there were ever a 9th Circle of Hell, well, I would rank this the 8th. JcP, and my Manager Mary Falwell, in particular, was a stickler for dress code. She had a real problem when I wore pants that were not part of a 2pc suit. I'm sure she was also pretty peeved that my pants weren't polyester but I don't believe that was actually stated in the employee handbook. So for two months I spent a lot of time avoiding Mgr Falwell each time I saw her in the employee lunchroom. Lucky for me, no demerits.

My place of work decided to reinforce a "luxury" look last year. Basically insinuating that we all dress like shmoes. I know I'm usually pretty fabulous so it wasn't an issue. But today I wore my lavender corduroys to work. They're soft, with sandblasted whiskers, and boot cut. Not wool slacks, but they're fashionable and as long as they're not denim, I'm in the clear. It was cold. I knew it would be a long 10 hour day and I needed my comfy pants. Unfortunately I bumped into the Executvive Assistant that I like to call Sargeant Fox. You know the type, drunk with power. Well she likes to take issue with these pants everytime I wear them.
"Deezy, are those jeans??"
"No Sargeant. They're corduroys. We go through this everytime I wear these!"
"MMm.... girl! You are really pushin' it."
This said the woman who was one step away from wearing sweats today..........

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Conan in the City

Have any of you been able to catch Conan O'Brien's week in San Francisco? Never wanting to miss anything cool portraying My Beloved City, I've been recording it this week. He's been so brilliant and hilarous that I am thoroughly bitter that neither my sister nor I were able to get tickets to the tapings.

What's been a great delight I think to all the local viewers is how he is incorporating authentic, local details for his jokes. I think anyone outside the City would appreciate the gags but there's enough inside jokes to prevent his show from being too cheesy.

The Transgender Transamerica Pyramid
One of his producers quizzing guest George Lucas on Star Wars trivia.
Casting Sam Wo restaurant as his co-sponsor alongside Intel.
"San Francisco, the only city in America where marijuana is legal but plastic bags are not."
Knocking on the Full House door to find Bob Saget still living there.
"The city's #1 theatre, in the #22 neighborhood." <- This one was a laugh out loud joke for me...

So here's to you Conan. For letting the rest of the country in on how fantastic this city is..... But I'll never really forgive you for not sending me tickets....

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Nature Recap

Call it good wallet karma, call it the donation I made to One.org, but a good samitarian called to return my lost wallet today. It was found on the streets of Chinatown.. long story. All was intact, even the $60 cash. Thank you Mrs. Ng!!!!

... In the meantime, I have yet to share our day at Palo Marin. I guess D put it best when he recapped it as follows:
Baby seals, rare birds, cobblestones, beautiful waves, waterfalls, driftwood, abalone shells, anenomes, barnacles, reefs, sandstone, landslides, flotsam, sea urchin shells, skeletons, swimming, engineering, picnic, cliffs, slaked shale.

Funny, he left out a skinny dip (solo!), and a Seal Pup playing grabass. You can check out the pics via the Flickr Badge to the right.

And here's my first foray into video blogging(pardon the rotation thing...)... What better way than to bring the cute??

And now let me introduce to you, The King of the Mountain in his element