Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday at Home

Taking a few days off for the July Fourth Weekend just to catch up on personal things I keep ignoring. (Like sleep.) But for this Friday, all you need to know is this:
Barneys is finally coming to San Francisco! Yes this retailer of edgy luxury goods will indeed be available to me without having to fly to Manhatten or drive 6 hours to Beverly Hills for. I mean, I miss you Fao Schwartz and I'm sorry you had to go... but that high profile building had been empty for far too long.

And if that isn't the greatest reason for a cocktail later, I don't know what is!!
*clink* Cheers my loverlies!!!!! Have a great weekend!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Film Geek Mode

Everyone once in a while, I sink into a movie obsession. I am so taken in by a film that I ruminate for hours, days on the meaning, the acting , the art direction. I watch the deleted scenes with the director's commentary, I even watch the Q&A from the film festival press conference. Yep, I slip into Film Geek mode. Mind you, this doesn't happen very often (as so few films out there actually induce this mild form of insanity), but it happens enough.

Strangely, my latest obsession didn't involve Orlando Bloom or Brad Pitt, or even Eddie Izzard. HA! It's Maggie Cheung that has been on my mind. Long story.. but I guess it's because I find her so much more compelling, not to mention beautiful, than Zhang Ziyi. I wish she were getting the due attention here stateside that I believe she deserves. I mean for god sake's, she was in a full latex catsuit for Irma Vep!

Anyway.. back to my latest obsession. In the Mood For Love. This title being the English Version was inspired by the Bryan Ferry's cover of the song of the same name. It didn't think it would be so obvious, but hey. Sometimes a movie title, is just a movie title.
First and foremost, this is a moodly, subtle, mature, hearbreaking love story between 2 married people. I won't bore you with plot points, but actually, with Wong Kar Wai's direction, the plot is inconsequential. Just immerse yourself in the nostalgic glow of the 60's that he creates with such care. "I LOVE that lamp!" .. "Where did they find the dinnerware?"... And her dresses! Oh the dresses. Cheung wears a different cheongsam in every scene, each fittng her slim frame perfectly. The 4 inch mandarin collars hold up her exquisite face(FIVE hours of hair and makeup everyday!). Putting this in the context of Hong Kong in the 1960's allows for the familial type of atmosphere that lends to the confining situation our lovers find themselves in. Any move they make is being seen. But lest you think think the art direction and costumes become the core of the film, Cheung and Tony Leung (cutie!) convey a unrequited love that is heartbreaking.

What is not so delightful are the cliche'd moments of artfilm-dom. You know those moments. They are mocked and ridiculed time and again. The 20 second shot of rain falling, the prolonged moments of characters just walking. Sometimes they're walking in the rain, sometimes they're walking in the heat. But they walk. Just try to forget you ever saw those shots and you'll be just fine.....

Wong Kar Wai is notorious for working without a script; leaving much in the hands of the actors so what these two accomplish is moving. Not only is there a sense of sexual tension, but they develop a friendship, a kinship almost, from their spouse's infidelity. He listens and claps along when she sings chinese opera (and if you know chinese opera, that's love!), she "conveniently" makes him sesame soup when he is craving it. But they vow not to be like their spouse's so their love grows during these platonic moments. These are the moments that have stayed with me. Because it's not a walk-off-into-the-sunset-holding-hands ending. Because these are mature people who realize their actions have consequences; as they themselves have experienced from their spouses. Because love is not always easy. Because love is not always a knock-down drag out emotional rollercoaster. Don't forget. This is still a Wong Kar Wai film, not a Lifetime Channel Tearjerker.

As D so succintly put it, it's not "a maudlin chick flick.".. (I think that means thumbs up.) Please see this movie if you want a refreshing, different perspective on movie love. Don't see this if you want an Ashley Judd romance.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Feed Her

I admit, Anorexia Spice is not as catchy. But c'mon, she stopped being Posh quite a while I right. Seriously, WTF??!!

Becks, I know you're busy with the World Cup and all, but can you please get your woman a sandwich? That little neck is not going to hold up that bobble head for much longer, especially not with all those hair extensions she's got in.

Aside to at IP address 68.107.202.# (Cox Communications) from Greenville:
Hmmm. Huh? Do I know you? You should probably email me with your question.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday Night TV

Ok.. so... How To Get The Guy. I thought I was getting a brief respite from my Monday night tv watching, but lo! Another reality tv show based in San Francisco! GOTTA WATCH, am I right? My fair city is too pretty not to.
Cody's Books... the Fairmont Hotel! And my father's building is in a lot of the aerial and skyline shots.
Did I mention they were filming this show at the restaurant the night I had my birthday dinner? medjool.. We were just all annoyed they were taking up room in the bar.

I want to know.. why I wasn't made aware of the casting call??>?? I was perfect for this! And waaayyyy funnier...

Here is the funny bit: My father called me a few weeks ago..
"So, do you know about a reality show on ABC about pirates?"
"Pirates? Hmmm... I'm sure I would remember something on ABC about pirates. Are you sure it's not Pirates of the Caribbeans? That's coming out, and ABC is owned by Disney."
"Nooo.... they definitely said it was on tv."
"Who's they?"
"Location scouts. They want to film here, a show about pirates, and dating."
-right now I'm envisioning pirates hanging from the chandeliers of the Old School Continental decor of the restaurant.-
"PIRATES, dad?"
"Yes, pirates! Pirates.. vikings..."
"Well, you got me on that one."
"They want to film here.. they said they already filmed the pirate episode."
-And suddenly it dawns on me.-
"Dad, did they film the PILOT episode?"
"Fuck. I don't know. Pirate and Pilot."
... Well so.. yeah. It took about 10 minutes, but we finally figured out the How to Get the Guy folks will be filming there. Another mystery solved.

Afternoon Dogtails

Sake and I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at a cocktail party hosted at the W Hotel(to benefit Pets Unlimited). Yes indeed! Her very first cocktail party! And she did great. She won't admit it, but I think she gave out our phone number to a few studs.
Isn't her outfit adorable???? Ggggaaa!!! The Skull & Crossbones smells like cinnamon, and even glows in the dark!

Here we are, trying to decide which line at the bar is shorter....

*yap*!! *yap*!!
Wait, she wants to tell you more about it herself. ..
*scuffle* No, your paw goes there Sake. Got it? *yap*!

My Human and I went to a super fun (dog)tail party yesterday!!! *yap* I 'm not sure, who was more excited, her or me. But the W Hotel is one cool place to let all us doggies roam around! My Human called it.. Pandemonium. But I didn't see any Pandas. Just us Doggies.
Dogtails - W Hotel

*yap* There were so many new friends to make! I didn't know who to sniff first!

"My, what long legs you have!"
MY what long legs you have!

I wasn't sure about my outfit at first, but it was so windy yesterday... I'm glad I had it.

All good things must come to an end... Here I think I finally ate one too many dog biscuits. I was ready to go home.

But *yap* what a wonderful time I had!... I can't wait for our next event... I wonder if Bam Bam is going to call me? *yap*
Bam Bam

Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday Monday

And I'm a Busy Busy Bee. But the weather continues to be lovely in the Bay Area, and that always puts me in a good mood. I've got my Purple Anna Sui dress on, and that puts me in a good mood too. West Highland Terriers and Louis Vuitton? That's a good mood gimme. (.. Don't get confused. This is only a dog model.... But wouldn't Sake look Fucking Fierce in this carrier? .. She better get that modeling contract soon and start earning her keep if she wants to sport any Vuitton.)

D took me on the loveliest picnic Saturday just 20min outside of the City. Although we were eyed suspiciously by a flock of sheep, we enjoyed a sunny afternoon feeling like we were "away from it all". And just thinking about that cements the good mood. Woe to those who come by and fuck all this up today!!
Justin.. Honey. Baby. Darling. You know I love you. But what is going on here? *points finger up and down* What is happening here with the crew neck sweater and pajama top?