Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hop and a Skip

So, I am now 39-years-old. I'm at peace enough with it to say it out loud to the world.
I'm no longer a hop, skip, and step to the Big 4.0; I'm now a mere step away.

And yet although I suppose I'm at peace with it, I'm really not sure. I'm certainly not holding a ticker-tape parade; but I suppose overall, I'm pretty happy with things.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pisces in the Hizzouse!!

It's Lano's birthday today.
And for his birthday, I googled him. And BAM! Look! The first result!

Whoa.. Our Lan-o is a celebrity! He's got 2 google images on the first page alone!

This is the second result. .. Which may be what he'll look like in 30 years.....
Nice 'stache Dude!!!!

Happy Birthday my dear fellow Pisces. Can't wait to celebrate!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Canine Competition

I find it difficult to sit through all 4 quarters of the Super Bowl, but parade a bunch of fancy schmancy dogs on the green and I am captivated for hours.
And every year I look forward to all 6 hours of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, length be damned. Sure, the other channels broadcast the Eukanuba dog show, etc, but they're always abbreviated, only winning dogs get airtime. Boo. I want to see them all!

I also enjoy watching the special segments showing therapy dogs, this year the first time ever welcomed to the Sloan-Kettering Center. Hey, you don't have to convince me that dogs really do help you to feel better. And lets not forget that Westminster is a benched dog show. The dogs stay at Madison Square Garden all day and you can educate yourself on the different breeds. After all, retardos like P@ris Hilton are not doing anyone any favors treating dogs like an accessory. Each day the San Francisco Humane Society is now getting little Chihuahuas dropped off by owners who had no idea what it took to raise a dog; their daughters just wanted a little furry thing to carry around in their Hannah Montana tote bags. *sigh* *Happy thoughts* *Happy thoughts*

First up? The Hound Group!
The Whippet! Whip it good!
For 2008, Uno, the 15" Beagle, takes the Hound Group.
"Heeeyyy.... you work out??"

(OK, is it me or is that David Duchovy's voice in the Pedigree dog commercials? Can anyone confirm?)

Up next, my favorite group! May we have the Terrier Group in the ring please...
The Dandie Dinmont is quite Dandy!!
Meet Smudgie, a Miniature Bull Terrier. Looks like he's searching for a Valentine's!

"This breed possesses no small amount of self-esteem"...You think?? And here's Champion Efbe's Hidalgo At Goodspice, also known as Charmin. No surprise, the #1 terrier in the country(ssshhhh.. don't tell Sasa...) takes the Terrier Group. He is a beauty!
Alrighty, I keep finding spoilers on the internet so time for me to just relax and watch these cuties. ADOPT A DOG!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

NOLA Shoutout

Sweetl! A NOLA picture I shared at CasaSugar got highlighted today! I just couldn't let a weeklong discussion about New Orleans architecture go without mention of the amazing Doullut Steamboat Houses! Go check it out!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

You Dirty Rats

Sake thinks every year should be the Year of the Dog, but she still wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!
And with her New Year's finery on, she'll even bow down and wish you Gung Hei Fat Choy!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

You're Super, Tuesday!

Have you had enough of election coverage yet? I'm so ready for Bush to be gone, I actually don't mind it all. This past weekend I subjected myself to more. I weaseled myself into a Hillary event. I have found myself to be conflicted as of late; unsure which Democrat to go with. So I hoped seeing Clinton would help with my indecision.

She spoke to a sold out crowd at the Orpheum Theater. Hmmm, perhaps people were confused and thought Zac Efron would show up?

I was a guest of an official Patron of the event. So I went straight to the VIP line and got my red bracelet. Btw? Red = $2500 donation.
Evidently, $2500 wouldn't get me out of passing through the metal defector, I mean detector.

But Hillary runs a classy campaign, all the bottled water I could drink (or carry out in my Gucci totebag).
And once seated, I saw our Fair Mayor making the PR rounds.

I was determined to approach him with the ultimate thought-provoking question. But I was so overwhelmed by the sheer force of Gavin's hair, I was rendered speechless. -Doh!
And then there was the main event, 3 mayors and a Mary Steenburgen showed up on stage to introduce Hillary Clinton.
She gave a warm and convincing stump speech. I found myself nodding and cheering and applauding, caught up in the energy. I was also really glad she chose the navy pantsuit and not the poo brown one.
I am still marveling at what an exciting time this is. Normally, we are lamenting the lack of worthy candidates but there is debate and real decisions to be made. And as Super Tuesday looms, I find myself still waffling. But then something hit me on the way home, my heart was battling my head. Well, could I forgive myself if I didn't follow my heart? Did it have any place in the world of politics? I've listened to pundits. I've diligently subscribed to my CNN podcasts. I've read the bloomberg reports. But screw politics. How many times in my life do I get to make a decision like this based on the emotions rendered by my heart?

And lo... I have decided to cast my vote for the man who so eloquently brought me to tears 4 years ago with his words. Because it had never happened before and no one else has done it since. Don't get me wrong, I would be happy if Hillary gets the nomination. I have to remind myself, that in my case, the vote for Obama is not necessarily a vote against her. There are reasons why I have been undecided. Nonetheless, tomorrow, I get to participate in the democratic process in the bare concrete walls of a neighbors garage. Looking back, I guess I've been waiting for years now to finally say: BaRACK Me Amadeus!

By the by, this post inspired me to look back at the original Miss Print newsletter I wrote back in the Fall of '04. Its interesting for me to see my Orange County frame of mind now and again. I have included here just because I'm feeling, well, super! (If anyone wants to see more, speak up!)

"An election year and it has given me much food for thought. The War in Iraq has not turned out to be the rock ‘em sock ‘em all American flag waving Hoedown Showdown that many of our citizens were led to believe it would be. Could the American People be blamed for wanting to believe? Here we were, over 3000 dead: we’ve been attacked, we’re vulnerable. Surely our Fearless “Nucular” Leader would not guide us down the wrong path?
So what happens now? Will it be enough for us to get more more involved? What exactly will it take this election year? To that end, I actually paid a good deal of attention to the Democratic Convention this year. Normally all the self-congratulatory and bombastic speeches leave me a little cold… But from my little idiot box I heard a voice one night that spoke to me and inspired me like no other voice I have heard in my lifetime. Barack Obama’s keynote speech made me dab at the corner of my tear-brimming eyes with his energy, his grace, and his call for unity and message of hope. “If a skinny kid with a funny name can make it, then there is hope.” And who are the Republicans fooling with Alan Keyes? They’ve propped him up to run against Obama in Illinois and the man lives in Maryland! … Try as I might to be Fair and Balanced, can anyone explain the nausea that creeps over me each time I tuned into the Republic National Convention? .. Oh and by the way? Ron Silver is a Fucktard(see Miss Print July29 2003). Fine. Tirade over. My apologies to any Republicans out there I may have offended. To show that there are no hard feelings, check this out…

Something for the Ladies
As the Olympics wound down in it’s Hellenic glory, I must confess I lost interest about one week into the Games. Ok, fine. The dip in interest was mostly due to the end of the swimming events. If Mike Phelps and his fellow mates were to continue on swimming for the next 4 months I would still be absolutely enthralled. The sight of the sleek low-rise speedo’s seemingly painted onto these amazing bodies is enough to have me glued to the television night after night. I thought it would be completely plausible that we would get a glimpse of something forbidden. Oh glory be! How proud I am of his sweetness, sportsmanship, and talent. Sidenote: Mike, think about wearing beanies, tooks, or whatever else simulates the swimcap look. Hot hot hot.

UPS Ground
Well, it’s been 16 months to the day(but who’s counting?) here in the Southland and there’s still one tiny thing that I have not reconciled myself to. Bars that exist in strip malls. DECENT bars that exist in strip malls. In fact, my favorite hangout thus far resides in a nondescript little strip mall. No awning, no sign.. nothing that screams “Come In to Kitch! Stay a while!” But stay I do and partake in the comfy chairs. Some nights are more eventful than others. Once, in the ladies room, I posed for SuperModel Pictures with 2 very nice, vivacious young ladies. Super. Other nights I sit and share philosophies with The Canadians over Stoli Greyhounds. But in the end, it’s always a bit jarring to step out the doors, see the parking lot, and realize you’ve just spend the evening in a strip mall where just 8 hours earlier I could’ve shipped my packages UPS Ground and bought some Laffy Taffy.

I’m smarter than I look; but dumber than I think.
I’m not sure how it has happened, but I can feel myself getting dumber everyday. Some recent gems of mine:
“Oh is that one of those electronic cars?” .. “I think she’s El Salvadorean.” Maybe it’s too much sun. Or maybe it’s too much time spent in the car with morning radio. But it is a source of consternation to me that I can’t name what country the city of Prague is in(no fair looking it up!). The city streets here off no consolation… The palm trees smile and wave and there isn’t an independently owned coffee shop in sight. I just don’t want to lose perspective. I fear the before mentioned neon-signed strip malls making me soft. Will I ever be able to avoid eye contact with a homeless person and step over them again? Will I be able to walk more than 2 city blocks in my 3” heels without wincing in pain? Or will being able to sleep through the night with the windows open and the accepted office dress code of flip flops continue to soften me? Can this Northern California girl keep it Real? Stay tuned…..

Who would’ve thought that my exodus from San Francisco would be one of the last acts of randomness and devil-may-carelessness I would practice in 16 months(again, who's counting)? No no no. A 10:30pm showing of The Village doesn’t count! Neither does that bag of Kettle Corn I had at 4am last night . No my friends, I am spiriting myself away back to the Big Apple this week! So take that! (Remember, I can’t let myself get too soft! )
… Does anyone have any recommendations for cheap eats and fun times?

Had enough? Well, here’s more randoms:
The only House Rules I like are mine….
“Strategery”.. Not a word!
Rock the Vote!!!!!!
Is it possible to be haplessly jaded and hopelessly romantic while actually IN a relationship?
You know you’ve been watching too many political conventions when you start giving people the Thumbs Up!
Marrying twice in one year. Isn’t Britney just being greedy now??
I don’t think One-Song Encore’s should count.
There’s just something about a man who says Whoopsie Daisies.. = )

Until we see again my friends!
All my love from behind the Orange Curtain, Rowena"