Thursday, April 09, 2009

"And She's Climbing a Stairway to Heaven..."

Each year I challenge myself to something new, something I have never physically done before. It's not always the smartest thing to do; but I think deep down I'm trying to make up for my bookworm ways when I was a kid.

This year started slowly(no misbegotten marathons in the cold tail of winter) but last week I joined a thousand others to raise money for the American Lung Association. It was a climb up 1,197 steps to the top of the BofA Bldg, Carnelian Room; and it kinda sucked. hehe. But I lived to tell the tale; and I even surprised myself with my time (17min, 36secs!). It gave me the encouragement I needed for the rest of the surprises that lay ahead of me in 2009!

Team Carnelian Room wait patiently as we inch closer to the stairwell. I wished there was more room to stay warmed up though.

Teammate makes a quickie attempt to break the bank. (It was kinda neat seeing the safe in the basement!)

I'm just seconds from my start.

I'm halfway there!!
Aaaahhh.. definitely one of finest Finish Line spreads there has ever been!

And there was my Pop! Cheering me on at the Finish Line! (OK, he had to work and would've been there anyway.. but it was definitely great to see him when I got to the top. The champagne didn't hurt either.)

And to top it off, a massage! And not just some wussy chair massage. I laid down on the table and got pummeled.