Thursday, June 26, 2008

Don't Make Me Angry, You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry

I resorted to a Yelper review of the DPT(Department of Parking & Traffic) the other day. I was so absolutely enraged I wish I were the Incredible Hulk.

Situation: I live in a permit parking area in the Mission area. Who doesn't? Well actually one block up the 75 Degree hill I live on actually has no permit parking. But I digress.

A car has been parked for over a week on my block, taking up 2 car spaces. Highly coveted car spaces. My neighbor left a passive/aggressive note which I'm sure made THEM feel better; but really had no effect.

The car proceeds to sit through the weekend and well into the week. Never mind, it doesn't get marked ONCE for parking without a permit! And never mind that I, WITH a permit, have gotten a parking ticket for which the DPT is STILL reviewing after 3 months!. Car has now gotten a street cleaning ticket, but essentially has paid for over 9 days of parking for the price of one ticket.

By now I'm thinking perhaps the car has been abandoned (It doesn't LOOK abandoned, but whatever.)

I call DPT to report abandoned vehicle. This is how it went.

"Thank you for calling DPT. blah blah blah. Press 1 for English" *1*
"To report or call about abandoned vehicle press 4." *4*
"To report a abandoned vehicle, press 1." *1*
"Please say the license plate number of vehicle after the tone." *I wait for tone.*
"Please say the license plate number of vehicle after the tone." No tone, but I say *3XXX5XX*
"Please say the license plate number of vehicle after the tone." Still no tone but I repeat *3XXX5XX*
"Please hold while we transfer your call." *CALL ENDED*


I am so dumbfounded, that I stupidly I tried one more time. With the same results!!! WHAT THE F&CK!!! Seriously, at this point, will anyone blame me for turning into an angry green monster with shredded pants?

Footnote: Police came to tow away car. It was stolen....

Monday, June 09, 2008

And the Oscar Goes To....

I am aware that my blog is starting to look like a food blog.. and I reckon I should try to be more varied with posts or else just start a food blog altogether. But who wants another Machead prattling on about the iPhone 3G today? You will need to read me wax rhapsodic about my neighborhood once more.

The James Beard Foundation awards were handed out last night in New York. The awards, given annually, are basically the Oscars of the food world. And 2 of the top awards were not only given to San Francisco chefs, but to chefs that work their culinary magic in my hood, just 5 blocks away! Can I get a *whut whut*??!

Craig Stoll, chef and co-owner of Delfina in San Francisco, was named the best chef in California and Hawaii, one of 10 such regional awards. Stoll and his wife, Annie, also operate the adjoining Pizzeria Delfina which is delish but kind of a pain to eat at because of the neverending crowd. The New Yorkers took a lot of the big awards so I feel like it was sort of a gimme for Craig to go up against other Bay Area chefs in this regionalized award.

The other major prize, the Outstanding Pastry Chef award, went to Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson, owners of Tartine Bakery in San Francisco, as the best pastry chefs or bakers in America. The award designates a chef or baker who serves as a national standard-bearer of excellence. NATIONAL. AMERICA. Got that? The ham & cheese croissants? The savory bread pudding? They serve as a national standard-bearer of excellence. Warms my heart I tell ya. And my tummy too.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I've heard of buy one, get one free....
But this is just getting out of hand! .... I'd be more excited if Jamba Juice were doing two-fers.