Monday, October 27, 2008

Alright, Who Put the Ass in Self Assessment???

I have to write my self-evaluation this week. It is one of the most-loathed tasks I am forced to do at work. Partly because I've never been particularly good at tooting my own horn(Self-deprecation doesn't translate well on paper.) but mainly because it seems a useless task that sucks up valuable time. I mean, c'mon! More time spent on fluffing up my achievements is less time I spend blogging for all of you!!

And anyway, at most workplaces it never seems it has any of true bearing on the eventual review given to me, or on the (minimal) raise I get.

Can someone tell me doing these darn things is just some sort of legal liability type of f&ckery that HR has to keep in my file?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I had been saving up for a change to happen next year. But with the economy in a free-fall and Pro-America small-towns and Non Pro-America big-cities coming to ideological blows , I had been feeling a little low as of late...

When I visited my trusted coiffeur, Alex S., it did not take long for him to appeal to my ever-hiding spontaneous nature. Ever the intuitive(and vegan) soul, he broke past my initial trepidation and guided my hair to its very own Carpe-Diem-moment. (But not before I shed a few tears.) Yay him!

Before the Big Reveal, let me take a moment to introduce the newly relocated Alex Sandor Art Studio. His new storefront still has that same funky, "I made this!", vibe about it. His trusty tools are still housed in a vintage.. uh.. Alex what the hell is that thing?

What's new is his commitment to going green and organic. Alex designed his studio usng only recycled refurbished and salvaged materials and furniture. And he uses organic, non-carcinegenic hair products on all those who walk through his door. But really that's just the beginning. Click here to get it straight from him. Note the salvaged wood planks from former wine barrels on the walls; and the stainless steel accessories,such as the trays, are from SF General Hospital.

I particularly loved this piece which serves as the refreshment station. The lemon ginger infused tea is a nice refreshing touch too.
But what you've all been waiting for!... *drumroll*.... TADA!! Here I am with my hair 10 inches shorter. Alex does it again. I walk out of his salon a brand new woman. And with my donation to Locks of Love, I've hopefully given a child an opportunity to Seize Their Day too.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin Winks Her Way Through the Debate

What. The. Fuck.
Does she plan on bringing winking back to the side of the American People too?

Register and Get Your Vote On!

Google uses its powers for good today.
That fat kid from Superbad is pretty hilarious.