Thursday, August 28, 2008

BaRACK the Vote!

Did we think we'd be alive for this day?
My joy at seeing Barack and his family on stage as the possible First Family of this country filled me with such joy and hope. I can't imagine what an emotional wreck I'll be once he wins the White House. (Not to mention what an emotional wreck I'll be if he doesn't win the White House.)

"The change we need doesn't come from Washington. Change comes to Washington. Change happens because the American people demand it—because they rise up and insist on new ideas and new leadership, a new politics for a new time. America, this is one of those moments."
Four years ago Barack gave me hope for a UNITED States... and he did it again tonight. Yes. We. Can.

Footnote: Thank you Hilary. Thank you for an amazing speech. I understand the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pantsuit thing, but tangerine?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympic Fevah Ends

Well its over. Two amazing weeks of international competition. I'm an Olympics geek. I cry. And watching the Closing Ceremonies tonight was no exception. I sobbed.

Many pooh-pooh the commercialism of the Olympics. NBC always gets grief for poor coverage. And this year, China got much criticism for the exorbitant amount of money spent (43 Billion dollars!!), its politics, and for giving a cherubic gap-toothed young girl the Milli Vanilli treatment. I've even read some articles playing down the monumental accomplishment of Michael Phelps' 8 gold medals. Are you KIDDING me??! You try having 17 swims, in a variety of 4 different strokes, against the best swimmers in the world. I normally enjoy rooting for the underdog, sometimes the inevitable wins by the United States can make me cringe... but he swam and won with such sincerity and humility, you just had to root for him.

And here it is, are we so defiantly jaded that we cannot enjoy these Olympics? Are we so vehemently so opposed to the thought of the unifying power of the Olympics? Is there possibly a dry eye in the house when you see Iran and Iraq athletes marching in the parade of nations back to back? How about when you see the female athletes marching in for Afghanistan?

I normally love the Olympics anyway. I love seeing the one athlete arriving, proud to compete on behalf of their country. I share the heartbreaking joy when an athlete has their dreams come alive. I cry when I see the agony of a dream dashed in a mere second of a mistake. And this year, I was even more touched watching China stake its claim in history.

As a Chinese-American, I was so absolutely proud to see my countrymen produce such a jaw-dropping spectacle. I teared when I heard Yao-Ming say "I've waited for this day my whole life. Not just me, the whole country." And I can say my entire family was glued to the competition, well into the morning light. For 2 weeks straight I finally saw Asian people, Chinese people on TV. I saw them being competitive, strong, full of life and grace. The Today Show actually highlighted Chinese without accents speaking of fashion, cuisine, culture. I saw small pieces of me finally reflected back, and yes it felt great.

The Beijing Olympics meant so much to its Country and its People. It was opportunity to show the world what The People are all about. And here, on the other side of the world, I think the Chinese community waited with bated breath, hoping we would be proud of what we saw. And, underage gymnasts aside, by no means do I think we were disappointed.

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Detox Weekend

Finishing up the 4th day of my Quantum Wellness Detox and its been easier than I thought, but still a challenge.

The headiest withdrawal were the first 2 days without coffee, dear sweet nectar of the gods! I was groggy, slow, headachey and just altogether not myself. Sunday, with some solid z's under my belt, was much smoother. But as I was back in the office today with the usual lack of sleep mojo, I needed something and broke down with a decaf soy latte.

Lucky for me, I'm a big soy/tofu fan so the food has been manageable. Which doesn't mean, I couldn't do without a big honkin' burger right now! But I'm experimenting with alternatives and I reckon that's part of this whole experience. Tonight, I made a quesidilla made with teff tortillas, avocado, and vegan cheese. For grilling purposes the teff turned out just fine, but as it is gluten-free, I wouldn't advise eating without heating up. I imagine a $5 bill tasting better. And the vegan cheese? Well, it served its melting purposes but thats about all I can say thats fit to print.

Some thought the weekends would be more difficult than the weekdays but I'm not so sure. A full workweek ahead and far too much munchie time spent in front of the computer monitor. Eeeshk!

The Google

My favorite Olympic Google so far...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Food Issues

I don't think I have food issues. I love food. What's the issue??

I guess I just love it too much. Although, I do keep an eye on what I eat, I certainly do not deny myself. How can I with all the amazing food available to us here in San Francisco?

But tomorrow I embark on a 10-day test. I will be plunging myself into the Quantum Wellness detox: refrain from sugar, caffeine, alcohol, gluten and animal products. It is an experiement to see how much my body is actually addicted to these substances. While the author of this detox, Kathy Freston, says that I should do as much as I can do, giving up the five substances is admittedly ambitious. For many folks, it hard enough to just stop sugar by itself; and I'm not even shooting for 21 days as prescribed. I am being realistic with a 10-day goal. Each day beyond that I will take slowly.

Clear tummy, clear mind. Ohmmmm... Ooohh, is that a cupcake??!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Making History

Seems my Olympic Fever is keeping me up at nights. I'm starting to get a nice set of Louis Vuitton luggage under my eyes. But it happens only once every two years, and with Beijing hosting, well, its once in a lifetime. History is being made and I'll stay up for that. And oh yeah, I'll stay up for Mike Phelps and his D'Angelo muscles making history too.