Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bond. Eames Bond

I wanted to wait till after the Holidays; but sometimes love finds you.
Hubby had been wanting a second, manly-man, dog but I hesitated.  But my hesitation didn't last long when we saw a gangly golden retriever at the San Francisco SPCA.  Porsche's face was full of love and yet loneliness at the same time.  Her sweetness proved hard to resist; not just for Mike and I but Sasa too!

Porsche came home with us that very night.

After we picked up a new leash, a spanking new Kong, and a new name, we couldn't wait to get Eames settled into her new home.

It's been just about a month now and Eames has adjusted to her new home with flying colors.  She's learned so much already.  She sits politely before each meal, she takes such very good care of her Duck, and she roughhouses with Sasa like she's done it all her life. We are watching her slowly bloom and gain new confidence each day.

But It also hasn't been easy... we've had to break some animal shelter habits, find a homeopathic cure for a UTI, and suffer endless bouts of carsickness.  But it's all worth it to give this little lady a loving home, away from her stray past.  We've had 30 days to reassure Eames-y Girl that she is finally home and we'll never let anything happen to her. Not ever again.

Sasa, her BFF, feels the very same way.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tigers and Dogs

It's the Lunar New Year and we welcome The Tiger!
But as much as the big cat will dominate this year, my heart still lies with the canines.

And here we are, in an combustible elixir of crazy, the Lunar New Year, the Winter Olympics, Valentine's Day, President's Day, NY Fashion Week and the Westminster Dog Show have all landed within just days and hours of one another.  Is it any wonder this 3-day weekend has wiped me out??

Thank goodness for the uber cuteness on display in New York City. This ain't no Puppy Bowl, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is the real dizzle.  And much as I waxed rhapsodic last year about these furrry competitors, my enthusiasm this year was compounded by the Scottish Terrier's odds to take the trophy.

Every year, I ooh and aah over all the breeds and every year there's some sort of upset (didn't you love the Golden?) to supply some drama and true competitiveness.  These dogs work hard!

They go through all sorts of machinations in preparation for their big night.

But sometimes withstanding hairdryers and grooming products isn't enough. Once in a while, a perfect dog like Sadie comes along, and Best in Show just seems obvious.

But my heart will always be with the You-Know-Who's.....