Friday, May 09, 2014

Everyone loves a party, I mean Gala.

So at some point in the Blogosphere/Fashion World, the Costume Institute Gala became the IT party of the year..  Perhaps it was the years following 9/11 when New York really wanted to celebrate again? Perhaps it took Anna Wintour to finally exclaim, "This party counts!" for everyone to fall in line?
Whatever the case, this is the East Coast Superbowl for Fashionistas.  Los Angeles may have the Oscars but the Met Gala has serious Fashion clout.

This years theme, "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" was likely a harder concept for the Selena Gomez Set to grasp then last year's Punk: Chaos to Couture, along with the invitation stating White Tie and Decorations for the men. (White tie meaning full evening dress, put on your Top Hat and Tails gentlemen~!)

I don't think a number of the guests took this advice, or perhaps even bothered to understand it; hence, all the fashion "rebels".  But seriously, rebels?  Or maybe they confused last year's theme with this years? Or just kind of tired of the fashion grind?

Case in point: Michelle Williams, I get it.  You live in Brooklyn.  It's a school night.  I, too, would be like.. ho hum, let me just show up for the party and call it day. I will give you a pass in your cute, but underwhelming, Louis Vuitton.

"I'd much rather be home in bed in my jammies."

Seriously Stella... WTF? This is not a place for you to debut your Adidas A/W collaboration!  This is a GALA! I know you and Cara are rebels but give me a break.
"Wanna go to the gym after this?"

There was a lot of freaky deaky shit Monday night. 
Lupita I think without question takes home the worst. Really?  You're going to argue with me on this?  She is gorgeous.  But the purple hair, the afro-puff, the headband, the matchy-matchy clutch and shoes, the tasseled dolphin net..  It just makes me want to cry. 
Pocahantas called.  Even she doesn't want her dress back.

Runner-up: Elizabeth Olsen.  The bad makeup, the Nancy Kerrigan silhouette, the random ruching on the tummy(which she is clearly trying to wish away), the sheer neckline, the sleeve thing attachment, and the mismatched accessories are all a disaster. I can't look anymore and it looks like Elizabeth doesn't want to look anymore either. I hope she told Miu Miu to go f&ck themselves. (Note again, this is a BALL! Not a Friday night at the rink!)
"What do you mean it's not All Skate?"

Okay, I can't take it anymore.  Let's talk about the good to great?

Thank you SJP for respecting the fashion.  I love Oscar's red signature on the windowpane train.  I love the hair, the gloves; it all works together. And oh yeah, I loved you in Square Pegs.
Bow down..

Overall, I wasn't really impressed.  But the few looks I enjoyed were really the couples.  After all, a hot man in a tuxedo is the best accessory, n'est pas?

Fine, whatever, her dress was minimalist to the max. But when you've got David Beckham staring at you adoringly like that, you're doing something right. 

I am going to catch such hell for mentioning KimYe but being as objective as I can, Alber Elbaz did them a solid.  His tails are perfectly fit and she really does look beautiful. Usually I find the Us Weekly hyperbole to be just too much to bear; but she really does look amazing.  The blue is lovely on her and it is a wonderfully flattering fit for her body type, and hello?? Pockets! She switched into more understated accessories and it works.  Her glossy hair is glamourous and the makeup perfect.  I was ready to hate her, but I just can't. 

Adhering to dress code.. man, they really are going for Teacher's Pet!

My best dressed pick may also prove controversial, but I am going with Blake Likely as Goddess of hte Night. Her custom Gucci Premiere gown was poured onto her. The hair and makeup are flawless.  And she gives us some pop with the red jewelry. But what vaults her look to the top is her husband's hand on her butt in just about every picture. Who's to say how long the shelf life these two have, they are gorgeous and happy right now!
Giving you Glamazon in a big way.
Blake loves the way she looks, and so does Ryan.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Oscars... Better late than never...

No.  Your eyes do not deceive you.  I haven't posted to this site since the LAST awards season!  Oh well, we march on.  Just roll with it.

I always need a little time to digest the Red Carpet fashion.  Some looks I don't like initially have grown on me, and vice versa.  But it doesn't happen often; more often than not that first visceral shock thru my system stays true.

First up, let's discuss the Awards Season IT girl this year, Lupita Nyong'o.  She was clearly winning the fashion pack with her amazing, bold gowns and impeccable makeup.  And hello?! She is naturally just a gorgeous gal!

Lupita rocked an amazing Gucci number to the SAGs. An amazing color with no jewelry to distract from the amazing floral neckline.  I loved it.

And one of my favorites was this gorgeous Stella McCartney at the Producers Guild of America Awards! Really quite flawless.

Which is why I am coming out against the tide and say I was disappointed in this Oscar look.
Why play it so safe?? It's not bad per se.  But the deep plunge just left me focusing on her ribcage, the color is just too "pretty" and I found the headband cloying. Where was bold Lupita?  Where was taking fashion risks and kill it Lupita?
I get the "Cinderella" princess theme, but does it have to be so literal?

Ok, have I polarized anyone yet? I'm just getting started!!!
Cate Blanchett is a Red Carpet goddess.  She is never afraid to go with a little edge and take risks. And she pulls it off with such effortless grace!  It never has that Tilda Swinton "oh my god, she's so avant-garde" vibe.

Cate's BAFTA look was a favorite of mine from awards season. Effortless Alexander McQueen and then bam! That Chopard necklace.  It's so fucking fierce I die.

 Despite the sexy sheerness of this Armani Prive dress, I ultimately thought it matured her.  From the collarbone bone up it is a matronly look.  I appreciate the risk, but I was not thrilled with this look.
So okay, I am really expecting great things from Cate the Great on Oscar Night, and she did not disappoint! Again from Armani Prive, this is a showstopper of a dress. I must admit, upon first glance I wasn't a fan. It is one of the few times that a look grows on me. For sure I loved the makeup, hair and earrings; but I initially thought this was too much of a nude explosion. Perhaps it was her kick-ass speech, but I really loved this look by the end of the night.  Great silhouette, and somehow the dress doesn't wash her out. It's a winner!
Not too many misses at the Academy Awards.  I actually think it was kind of a ho hum night.  No big Highs or Lows. I thought Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Hudson, were all beautiful but Snoozeville; certainly not Oscar standouts. Charlize Theron came close but something about those black horns kind of threw me off.

But things aren't fun until we have some misses. And for the record, I leave out Whoopi and Liza. Its just not fair right?

Something about Anne Hathaway in this Gucci dress drove me nuts.  Maybe it's because someone needs to tell Ms. Smugface to put a bra on. Or maybe it's because the dress reflected like a disco ball when she was presented.  Or maybe its because she is starting to look like Andrew Garfield in drag. (Hmmm.. never in the same room together?)
Give it a rest Fantine!

Oh Emma Watson...! What happened???  I don't feel like she is even trying here in this Vera Wang

I am so bored by the rest I can't even go on.... Here's hoping everyone kicks it up a notch next year, sheesh!