Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mango Margarita-ville

I am cozy at home now, but it's been a full month. With travel, Memorial Day, dogwalks, it's been a full week! On Tuesday I spent a night with friends, both old and new.
Each Super Tuesday (4th Tuesday of each month) the gang gets together and I introduce a cocktail. Some months are more experimental than others. But we served tacos this month, so a margarita was in order.

With mangos in season, I couldn't help giving it a little extra flavor. Here is the margarita recipe I started with, very basic:
2 shot(s) Sauza Hornitos Tequila
1 shot Cointreau
1 shot Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice

But before putting all that together, I muddled a ripe mango.
I found this didn't change the flavor too too much, but it did take the edge off some of the tequila; which in turn, made this cocktail deceptively strong!! Beware!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gullible's Travels

I've been traveling a fair bit more than the norm lately. My work keeps me busy but it is an incredible luxury to have an expense account that will still allow for some small pleasures.

Props must go to Cutie-Patootie Claussen at the Coopers Square Hotel for taking care of D & I during our stay in NYC. The hotel is too kool for skool(I still love it!), but he made us feel welome and very well taken care of. Be forewarned, next time I see you, I'm putting you in my pocket and taking you home. (Do only older people say things like that? Good god, I'm mortified.)
Must also take this opportunity to plug Accomplice:NY, an amazing group of people who put on a mxiture of walking tour, scavenger hunt, and improv theater. It's a blast and an awesome way to see parts of New York City. Run don't walk(or in this walk don't run?) for your tickets and be prepared to have your wits about you!

Fast foward 2 weeks, and I'm in Hong Kong (I'm so continental!) enjoying a solitary brunch on my one day off during a 2-week business trip. Started out in Singapore and will ultimately end the roadshow in Beijing. The Aircon here can be jarring; and as with visits past, I am fighting a cold. Its annoying but at least I brought fortification (Zycam!). And, as a Chinese-looking, Cantonese speaking ex-Pat in this City, the experience can be an interesting one.
If I use English to communicate, I can be treated differently. Treated better or worse depends on who I'm talking to. The drivers tend to find it funny that I'm bi-lingual. Last night my driver wouldn't shut up knowing I was an ex-Pat. Too bad I only understood about 60% of his story. I think he was discussing Holland? It was nice feeling my Cantonese improve day by day. Who knows, maybe I'll be expounding on the the state of affairs in Holland sometime in the future. I reckon I should learn to expound upon it in English first...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dear Mumsicle...

I very rarely spend holidays away from family; not even the "minor" ones like Mother's Day. But I've been on the road over a week now, on the other side of the world. Ironically I am in my mother's Native City. I am quite sure she'd be happy to trade places with me today. And if I could, I would grant her that Mother's Day wish.

Until they perfect teleportation my dear Mother shall have to be satisfied with a phone call and a blog post. And all the other Mother's in my life(and you know who you are) will also have to be happy with my electronic shout out.

Happy Mother's Day to you too Sis!!! Hope the kiddies give you lots of love & kisses. I will see you all soon!!