Thursday, December 29, 2005


The older you get, the fewer number of Christmas presents to tear open. I accept this. I'm fine with it. But it always helps when the few presents you do get are quality.

Here's what I found behind Door #1:

Yep, my very own plant to kill! D claims he Row-proofed it with cactus that would only require pretty much accidental watering. I believe Sis is starting a pool for the date of it's demise. I plan to show my deep appreciation for such a thoughtful gift and prove everyone wrong. But let me know if you want in on the pool!

My nephew, RJ, had a banner year. Being (nearly) 3, he still gets plenty of gifts to open and quickly discard. But yowza! Santa gave him a Cadillac Escalade!! (Note to Santa: I need to take a closer look at that Naughty/Nice list you've got there..) Unfortunately, it rained here on Christmas Day, so his RJ-sized Escalade had its first miles logged indoors in the living and dining room. There were no fatal accidents to report although Willow(the family dog) and I had to make some quick dodges. For the most part, picture Austin Powers and the 87-point turn and you've pretty much got a good picture of what went on.

Someone asked about Sake outfits. Never fear, little Sasa also had a bonanza of a Christmas with lots of new toys, rawhide lollipops, and 2 new outfits. Here she is in her sharp new trenchcoat and in action with her Greenie. She loves her some Greenies!

But yikes! I've just been reading of the dangers of Greenies. I am horrified! Sake loves them! I bought a huge value box just last week! Value Box of Death!.. I was so happy to see her take a nice healthy growler this morning. No intestinal blockage there!

No no no. Don't give me those cute little looks! No more Greenies for you or Willow.

I hope your Christmas and Chanuakkah's and Kwanzaa's *deep breath* and Boxing Days and Festivus were great! Best wishes for the New Year!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005


I've always loved Christmas Time. Not quite sure why, perhaps it harks back to the Charlie's Angels Hair Care set I got in 6th grade (It had a working battery operated blow dryer!).

Afterall, my family is not Christian. We didn't go to Christmas Mass, my mother didn't spend hours baking in the kitchen, I grew up in San Francisco so there were no white Christmases, I'm not even really sure if I believed in Santa Claus... I think in retrospect, I think I had that figured out sometime around First Grade.

So why then? Do I just love the presents? Do I enjoy the excuse of drunken revelry?

I love thinking about the potential of World Peace. I love the idea of the Christmas miracle. I love settling down and hearing the sounds of Vince Guaraldi as A Charlie Brown Christmas begins. I enjoy seeing the smile on a friend or family members face when they open up the perfect gift. I genuinely love Christmas Songs. I love saying the words Happy Christmas to a stranger.. and meaning it. I love the stimulation of lights, colors, and music (Hard Nut anyone?) I love slowing down to enjoy time together with those closest to me.
But what exactly is the mystical blend that forms the perfect Christmas? Surely it's not just the presence of all the things I listed above. Some years the gifts bring bigger smiles than others. Some years our country is not at war. Some years I hear from more friends than others. Some years close family friends are not terminally ill. Some years I have more love and goodwill to share. Some years are more perfect than others.

But each year the possibility remains. Each year the potential is there. Each year, it could be the Best Christmas Ever.

Here's to wishing you and your family The Best Christmas Ever. I love you and miss you all.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

You all should know, I don't do things quite the traditional way. I'm no rulebreaker... but I like to tweak them a bit sometimes. (I know I know.. it was all those Beat Writers I read in High School.)
Despite all the stress and brouhaha, Christmas really is my favorite time of year. And since I was pretty much finished with all my shopping last week, I now can join sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of the season.

And part of the sight and sound of Christmas will always be The Nutcracker. This year however, I was reminded of the other Nutcracker; so tonight I get to tweak with tradition and see a different interpretation of the iconic ballet. And no, Beetle, it doesn't count as Performance Art, I think I'll be safe.

Row: "Hey... do you get CAL discounts to Zellerbach Hall?"
D: "No. ... What's going on at Zellerbach...?"
Row: "Hehehe.. okay...don't laugh... ....
The Hard Nut."
D: "The Hard NUT? ... ?"
Row: "HA! It's Mark Morris' modern take on The Nutcracker. It has nothing to do with Bareback Mountain! "
D: "And... you want me to be your date?"
Row: "Uh.. hello. Yeah!"

From "Created in 1991, televised for Dance in America a year later, it premiered in Berkeley, California in 1996 and has returned every year since, the only venue other than New York City for this very large production. This work has all the best qualities of the classic Nutcracker (Tchaikovsky’s music and E.T.A. Hoffman’s plot) with none of the cloying sweetness that generations of balletomanes have grown up with and, in some cases, grown sick of. Transported in time to the swinging era of the ‘60s and played for laughs, The Hard Nut is at once a sendup of conventional Russian ballet and an homage. So, if you like your holiday cheer with a dash of wry, you’ll love this.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Splurge

Ladies and Gents.. The Philippe Starck Ghost Chair.
The worlds first single mold polycarbonate injection molded armchair in a classic Louis XVI form. It is scratchproof, shockproof and resistant to atmospheric agents.

The icing on the cake? I got it on sale.. AND I got free shipping. No, really, seriously. HOW DO I DO IT????

Click here for larger version

Oh.. and by the way E... there's going to be a chair showing up at the house soon...

Friday, December 09, 2005

It's the Happ- Happiest Season of All!

It's that time of year again, when panic sets in. I scurry and I scheme. I make phone calls and frantically check the internet. I have to cajole people into being my date. It has snuck up on me and I feel so unprepared! Yes, the Fall/Holiday Movie season is upon us.

It's such a pain that most movies even semi-worth seeing are all jam-packed into a 8 week time frame. But you all know I'm an Oscar Geek so I need to catch them all before March 5th. And actually, after all the Summer Blockbuster Wannabes, I look forward to just some plain ol' fashioned acting and directing.

Oh and some plain ol' fashioned Gay Cowboy Love.

brokeback mountain

Ok, it has special effects, but I can't wait to see Aslan kick some Narnia Ass.

I gotta back my Chinese sistahs! Fine they're playing Japanese Geishas, but did people complain when an Egyptian played Dr. Zhivago???!

Matty Matty is BACK! Are you kidding me? I'll watch Clooney and Damon bake bread!

SJP is BACK!! And her wardrobe will be as fierce as ever.

Craig T. Nelson , Sarah Jessica Parker , Ty Giordano , Savannah Stehlin , Elizabeth Reaser , Dermot Mulroney , Rachel McAdams , Diane Keaton and Brian White in 20th Century Fox's The Family Stone

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Have-Nots

Zoinks! Is it Tuesday already? December already?
.. It think it would be easier to tell you what I haven't been doing these past few days rather than what I have.

I have not been moving into my new home.
I have not been reporting to Jury Duty on the right day.
I have not been partaking in huge Bacchanal Orgies a la Eyes Wide Shut.
I have not been watching my food intake.
I have not been watching my alcohol intake.
I have not been sleeping in (F*CK!).
I have not been drinking enough coffee.

I have not been cleaning my room.
I have not been buying myself new shoes(Double F*CK!).
I have not been enjoying my Home Depot excursions.

But I have been to 3 Holiday Parties in just about 3 days. Here's me and my overwhelmingly handsome date.

As you can see, he too enjoys a good beverage....
Me and One Handsome Guy

Uh-oh!!! He's gettin' a little crazy!! "I loooove you guys!!!"
Carnelian Room Dinner

Ready to be taken home....
Me and RJ

More pics via the Flickr link on the right!

Thursday, December 01, 2005


9am is too early for Christmas Carolers. I get really stressed out. ... .. Thank goodness for Jack Johnson.