Thursday, March 01, 2012

"I'd Like To Thank the Academy.."

No sleep on the 11hour flight back home from Hong Kong.  Nonetheless, the first order of business(after a nap) was watching the Academy Awards. I had tried so desperately to stay away from the internet spoilers but a magazine cover in the business lounge showed me Meryl Streep's delighted face.

But still, I looked forward to the gowns, the pomp and circumstance, the speeches.
I realize it's been a few days so I will keep my observations short.. old news, right?  But I just have to share.

First, and most importantly, Best Dressed:
The vote must go to Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford.  She looked fabulous in the dress alone; but the cape and the jewelry? Perfect. And she stood out in a sea of frou frou gowns.

Honourable mention will include Meryl Streep because she typically looks frumpy much of the time during awards season. But her custom gold Lanvin was lovely and appropriate. 

Worst dressed goes to Bérénice Bejo.  I've seen far worse gowns, but here I'm lamenting the potential lost.  So beautiful, gorgeous figure.. It's all lost with this belle epoque green Elie Saab. Add the lackluster hair and makeup? Big disappointment.


The show itself:  
Can we just bring Hugh Jackman back and call it a day?  Billy Crystal is getting a little long in the tooth.  
The whole Wizard of Oz focus group segment was misguided.  Would've preferred Jason Segel performing Best Song.  After all, there were only 2 nominees.
The winners were mainly predictable, but at least the speeches were all great.
Colin Firth.... I love you.
Tom Ford makes already dapper men look positively heart-attack inducing.
Emma Stone.... I love you.
I'm Team Angelina, but her Thigh Pose was awkward.
I will not discuss how Stacy Kiebler got invited to the Oscars, but I will have to admit, she looked great.
.... SCORSESE!!!