Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas to All. And to All, a good night.

Merry Christmas to All.
Stay Warm, Stay Safe.
And may we be granted Peace on Earth.

On a lighter note, I've been elfed!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Clocky is Here!!

You thought I was joking perhaps?
Ney, on the topic of sleep and alarms, I am always quite in earnest.

And although it's about a month late, the fabled Clocky is finally here. An alarm clock that was a month late, how's that for ironic? But I must say, it looks better than the furry prototype that had been circulating the internet.

Although I'm a bit weary of its true usefulness, at $50 a pop, it would be enough of a deterrent to prevent me from tossing it over the side of my deck one frustrated morning.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Spot My Sister

Edit: Hmmmm... ... Could THAT be her???

Check out Ellen Degeneres show today, Wednesday.
My sister scored tickets to Day 10 of Ellen's 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways.
And I will tell you right now, the bitch scored!

XBOX 360
Six games, and 1 year of online membership
XM Radio, home kit, and 1 year of service
A collection of Superman DVD's (14 in total?)
AND a $200 Gift Certificate to

So jealous, but at the same time, a great score cuz its a giveaway her husband can totally share as can my brother and I!

She said the cameraman took a solo shot of her screaming, and trembling and crying. "I was milking it! Hands tremblng in front of my face. I laid it on thick. You and I have practiced it so many times, I figured I owed it to you."

You see, my sister and I have dreamed about getting tickets to Oprah's Favorite Things. I always say that once the gifts start flying I would scream and spaz out and hug my sister and just start punching her in the gut. She, in turn, would be in tears but whip out a giant mallet a la Wil E. Coyote and just start pounding away at me... ..... Ok, I guess you have to be there when we tell that story.

So, tell me when you think you've spotted my sister....

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sending Christmas Cheer

It's all sort of coincedence but it so happens that I picked Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day last week for a little Holiday get-together with my friends. My caveat? Instead of presents, or cards, or paying for a pricey dinner together, I suggested we all bring supplies, and we would make care packages to send to our Marines in Iraq.

I had been feeling so melancholy and useless, particularly in the wake of James Kims death, I wanted all of us to do something outside of ourselves. And you know, making my Target run for goodies was fun! *La*La and I got socks, hats, snack bars, cards, dice, jr slinkies, jerky, chapstick, kool-aid, Emergen-C, and I even dug up a few Beanie Babies from my collection.

And I couldn't be more proud of everyone's efforts! Despite a few last minute no-shows, my friends pulled through with some awesome loot to send to the troops! I must also thank the US Postal Service for making the packaging process easy.. Call their 1-800# for a military kit all your own! (Priority Mail™ boxes, tape, labels, and customs forms.)

Look at all that stuff!

Here I am working hard. There's my Honey in the back reading. And before you think he's being uber studious, it's a book about Japanese Sex clubs...

This was my first time sending anything to a military address. I hope our packages make it into the hands of needy soldiers. But most of all, I hope our brave men and women just all come home safe.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tears Today

So here I am. Sitting at my desk quietly crying.
I had hoped, along so many others, that the story would have a happy ending.
But searchers have found the body of James Kim...

Although their Church Street Apothecary is close to my home, I didn't know Kim or his family. Nevertheless, when I read the breaking news Monday night that the mother was found with their daughters, I sobbed out loud. And I hoped, with everyone else, that Poppa would be found.

We are all crushed, devasted.

Kati, Our prayers are with you. I wish there could be more I could offer...
Penelope, Sabine.... You will be proud one day when you understand how hard your Father fought to keep you safe. He's a hero.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Good and Good FOR You

I would be hardpressed to tell you the last time I attended a concert that didn't involve Justin Timberlake. .... .... Okay, stop laughing. No...., really, you can stop now. The fact is, I have taken myself out of the live music scene, local otherwise, for quite some time. Blame it on old age, blame it on plain ol' laziness. It became too much of a chore to seek out new acts, shell out $30+ dollars on someone I wasn't really sure I wanted to see live, the standing, the pushing, the inevitable funkified armpit that floated at by nose level, and I had just been disappointed one too many times.

But you know what? All those quibbles were wiped away last night when I rounded up a few of the usual suspects to join me for a night with Imogen Heap. Here's an artist that has stayed on fairly regular rotation on my iTunes, the Warfield theater was a familiar lowkey venue, and I could be fairly assured that there would no hardcore moshpit developing.

This was one of the most enjoyable musical nights out I have had in ages. I'm so bummed some of the gang couldn't make it; all I can say is, you missed a fantastic night. I now worship at the altar of Imogen. Although battling a cold, she soldiered on with a delightful show and won the whole audience over. She came out and introduced her own opening acts(who were impressive in their own right but more on them later) , who does that??? This classically trained pianist was beguiling and charming and I wanted to wear her frilly fushcia petticoats to work! She took time out to highlight the technical gizmos (parrot!) she would be using, she sipped her tea and blew her nose, she even had a Start Over(We shall blame it on forementioned Parrot)! I even wanted to bring her stage design home. .. Illuminated corsets and twinklng christmas lights???.... Give them to me Immy!

(Note here, Kid Beyond beatboxing the drum n bass track to the song. SICK.)

The best part of the evening though was actually arriving in time for the 2 opening nights. Usually, I'm a main event kind of gal.. but the acts Imogen invited to tour with her also happen to be a part of her band and they blew us away. Levi Weaver is a writer of clever melodic tunes along the lines of the new wave of solo balladeers, see Teddy Geiger. "I'm not better, I'm just bitter.".. You said it... Look him up, it's worth it. But the breakthrough of the night, and I'm of sure the tour, has got to be San Francisco's own, Kid Beyond. As Imogen so aptly put it, this man can do incredible things with his mouth. The beatboxer, singer, and live looper knocked us out with his charisma and high voltage talent last night. D just got up in the middle of the show, walked out to the lobby, and bought his CD on the spot for me. He is that mesmerizing. And when he breaks into Nine Inch Nails? You have just GOT to believe....

So all in all, a great night. DeYoung even found us some seats! And as we sat there taking in all the great musical vibes, he voiced something I think we were all feeling. There is nothing quite like Live Music. "It's good for the soul." ... That was never more true than last night. But oh how easy it is for me to forget. So here it is. .. another "note to self"; posted for all to see. Surprise my soul every now and then... There is nourishment to be had.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Space Time Continuum

I finally got around to treating myself to a chick flick last night.. The Lake House.
The one where Sandra Bullock is from the future, writing letters to Keanu Reeves who is from 2 years in the past. And somehow they fall in love. blah blah BLAH blah.

... I guess it was harmless enough. Two attractive people pining away for one another. Occasionally locking lips. But watching Keanu trying to emote is like watching me trying to ride a horse. Its best you just close your eyes, cringe, and hope for the best. .... Overall, I liked this movie better when it was called Back to the Future.

........ I also spent a lot of time worrying about the characters fucking up the Space Time Continuum. Am I unromantic? Or just a nerd?