Friday, February 17, 2006

Guam Guam Bo Buam

Here I am. Guam. This is my hotel. Now don't hate because this is a glorified picture they took for their website. And my co-worker is experiencing an ant problem(We're on the 18th floor! How did they get up here??) and there is a faint hint of mold/mustiness throughout the building. On the plus side, there's a Starbucks in the building. On the downside it costs $4 for a cup of coffee and who wants hot coffee when the air is thick as gelato anyway?

And did you know? Broadcast television here runs about a week late? Weird.

The Westin Resort, Guam

Just arrived yesterday and right now it's too early to sleep. But I refuse to do any more Sudoku. I finished 5 puzzles on the plane and I'm a bit Sudoku'd out for now.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Have a Lovely Valentine's Day Loverlies! Or... if you're feeling sensitive about it, Happy Tuesday!!!! (That works too right?)

I have actually received 3 Valentine's in the mail!! Wow! I have some kickass friends! And lo!! Someone is crushing on me! Yep! Someone's got a Girl Crush on me and sent me one of the most awesome Valentine's EVER!!! (You rock and I hope to ride in your convertible one day. ) .. Girl Crushes. I must admit I've had Girl Crushes too. Are women more open to that idea? I'm not a lesbian, I actually have no inclination to get all "Girls Gone Wild" with any woman, but .. there are certain women I have met that somehow fascinate me. Where I find them attractive, smart, beautiful(inside and out) and I just can't stop admiring them. I don't want to sleep with them.. but I probably want to touch their skin a little! hahaha! Who are YOUR Girl Crushes?? And guys! Step up! Are you capable of having man crushes? You know.. when someone's like your new best buddy for whatever miscellaneous reasons. Like when Diddy and Ashton Kutcher were hanging out?

Friday, February 10, 2006

Not So Cheap Thrills

Aaaah.. Agent Provocateur has finally made it to San Francisco. Fine purveyor of hot(and expensive!) lingerie. Just in time for Valentine's Day. Men. Start your engines.....
(I've been in the video mood... so you best to stop/pause the rap video from my post below that may be conflicting with Kylie. Cuz we don't want anything to conflict with Kylie do we?)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bonjourno Turino!

I know it's not "cool".. but I'm a dork and I'm a sucker for the Olympics(Winter, Summer, it doesn't matter). Maybe it's because I still see myself as a non-athlete (ok.. maybe they'd let me into the Gimp Olympics or something.) that I marvel at the idea of athletes around the world coming together for competition.

Oh and I know there's all the corporate sponsors and the nationalistic bullshit and US networks only show US athletes , blah blah blah. I don't care. When I see those kids on the podium watching their flag go up, my tears well up. It's a simple, pure moment for me that makes me cry.

And the Opening Ceremonies?? Fogeddaboutit!! Ali lighting the torch?? The Afghanistan Delegates walking into Greece 2 years ago(I cried). And I always whoop and holler for the country who is only able to send one athlete. And man! Is he/she happy to be there! C'mon!!! That's good stuff!!!!

Who remembers Freddy the Eagle who sucked so bad at the ski jump that he turned into a crowd pleaser? The unknown Midori Ito nailing her skate routine knowing she had no chance at medaling but everyone knew her name for sure after that. And of course, the Jamaican Bobsledding team??! That's why I watch the Olympics. ... Plus Bode Miller is kinda hot.

<- Hmmm. Not thrilled about the official "mascots" though. WTF is it???

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

East Coast vs. West Coast

I won't bore you with the Chronic Rap video that's been spreading like wildfire. But in the great tradition of Coastal Rap Battles, I introduce to you .. Color Me Mine.

To check out the original throwdown, head over to Why are Jew Boys such good rappers? ....

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fashion Week

So NY Fashion Week is in full swing. *sigh*  I wish I could be a part of the frenzy!  I was a fashionista once...  back when the words "discretionary income" still had meaning.  But as I grew older, and "responsible spending" entered my vocabulary, I slacked.  It was also just too tiring to try and keep up with who's who and who designed what and what sillhouette was THE silhouette for Fall.

But deep down I can't deny it. .  You and I both know I love Fashion...  I love clothes. I love to see the craft, the art, and how it can be translated into something functionable and wearable. It's also why I love Project Runway and I credit this show for igniting my love for Fashion again.   These are 4 looks from the winner of last season.. Jay McCarroll.  Fag Hag-speak dictates that I say: Bitch.  You better fucking WORK!.  Look beyond the color coordinated headphones (FIERCE!) and the pieces are wearable but different and original.  I was very happy to see he won.  Hopefully he can really do something with this opportunity.

Here's to dreaming my little dream one day to own my own boutique.  And have an excuse to go to Fashion Week...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

On the Homefront

I have finally cleared off the couch and I have cable. But my dining area still looks like refugee center and my bedroom looks like a contender for a homemakeover show. I am just about ready to chuck it all over the rail.... I still haven't found the upload cord for my camera so the pics I took of the front yard will have to wait. HOWEVER, I do have pics of the monstrosities that the seller oh so inconveniently left behind for me to take care of.

Here's the armoire that he swore he tried to sell to no avail. I listed it on Craigslist and was deluged by phone calls in a matter of hours.
I finally sold it to a restaurant owner in Point Reyes for $250(Craigslist been bely bely good to me). It took 4 grown men to come take it away.

This bit of architectural delight is a VERY HEAVY column used as a base for the glass table top.
I cannot explain to you the level of disgust I get when I have to look at this. If it wasn't the weight of an elephant, I would consider chucking it over the side of the deck. Yes. You get a small bit of my deck and the amazing view I have of San Francisco. (I swear, you WILL see photos eventually!) And please, this photo was taken before the contractors finished so please cut me some slack on the tidiness front. But back to my Ode to a Grecian Column... When I posted it on CL, buyers wanted only the glass top. And when I said it was all or nothing, they chose nothing. Bastards. Any other ideas?
I got hits today from people who googled.. "what does toss her salad mean"? and "what does it mean to toss someone's salad" bwahahahahahhhahahaha. Evidently I was not the only one in the dark on that one.

City Livin'

So I spent last Friday night narrowly escaping death. After an early evening of Happy Hour at Jade, Lane, Linda, Daryl and I were strolling Hayes Valley trying to decide on a restaurant for dinner. We stood at the corner debating and I actually was pushing for Cafe Delle Stelle. Just as we were about to make a decision and crossing the sheet, we heard the screeching of brakes. And 15 seconds later we stood gaping at the buick lodged into the corner of Cafe Delle Stelle. When 3 guys jumped out of the car despite the presence of a motorcycle cop, Lane quite calmly came to his wits and said.. "Run Run. They could start shooting!" So we started booking down the street. "Wait," Linda said. * huff huff* "We're going to look guilty!" To which I replied, "I'm holding a bag from the Disney Store! *huff huff* I think we're ok!"

But alls well that ends well. We headed back to the scene and Looky Lou'd for a bit longer before settling down at dinner and a bottle of Sangoviese at Citizen Cake... It's good to be back in the Citay!!!

Car chase ends in restaurant crash -- 3 injured
Cicero A. Estrella/SF Chronicle
Saturday, January 28, 2006

Three people were injured after a high-speed chase between two vehicles involved in an accident ended with one of the cars crashing into a Hayes Valley restaurant Friday, according to San Francisco police.

The crashed car, a white Buick, went out of control at the intersection of Hayes and Gough streets, jumped the southeast corner curb and struck two pedestrians before plowing into the Cafe delle Stelle at 395 Hayes St., Lt. Frank Lee said. Three men, including the driver, abandoned the car and fled on foot. They left behind a passenger, a woman who was also injured in the crash.

Lee said the pedestrians, both men, and the passenger were taken to San Francisco General Hospital. He said they were in stable condition.

The accident occurred about 8:30 p.m., shortly after the Buick was involved in a crash with a silver Pontiac at Oak and Webster streets. The Buick fled the scene, but it was followed by the other vehicle, whose driver called 911.

The vehicles were traveling east on Hayes Street when the Buick's driver lost control of his car after hitting a westbound black Honda, which was trying to make a left turn onto Gough Street, Lee said.

He said the men in the Buick were last seen running east on Market Street.