Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Memory Lane is Full

My little Mac'y has been gaining weight. In fact, it just can't take on any more.... Her Startup Disk is almost full! .. I can't believe it. I've never done this before. I've managed to fill up an entire computer! Wow...........

So until I get started on burning backup discs and begging the Apple store for help, I've been deleting away. When am I ever likely to use the Italian HelpMe files for Garageband? (Actually, can someone answer this? I've been deleting and freed up 1gb. But then, the more I delete, the less memory I have! HUH??) I'm even combing through my pictures and deleting anything that's basically just crap. Inevitably this whole exercise has turned into a walk down memory lane.

I got to a batch of pics from RJ's first Easter Egg hunt. I hav a quite a few shots from that morning so I figured I'd be able to find 1 or 2 to delete . But he's adorable in each one. I almost decide on this gem (doubleclick on pic to see larger version); but lookey lookey there to the right. Check out little Sasa leaving a little Easter treat on the lawn there! ... Can't delete that! That's classic!

So I guess its back to Memory Lane.......

Friday, July 27, 2007

A Battle

I have been battling a cold, and I can't really tell who's winning.
The noseblowing phase didn't last very long, but right now I'm feeling pretty light-headed, woozy. Great conditions for laying in bed and finishing up Harry Potter, but not so great for getting anything accomplished, at work... or otherwise.

And so it goes....

Friday, July 20, 2007

“Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms”

It has been a strangely dog/animal focused week for me; and not in a good way I think. My days and mornings have been spotted with tears and anger. First and foremost:
Hanging? Electrocution? How can anyone do that to a living animal? Clearly, you don't see these dogs as animals. Just fighting machines to be used for your enjoyment. I say enjoyment as I would as a NFL Quarterback with Nike endorsements, you wouldn't need this as a side income venture!!!
It is mortifying to hear that dog fighting is growing in popularity... Training these creatures for aggression and bloodthirst. I am glad to hear Nike is holding off on his merchandise. I hope the book is thrown at him.

And then we have 2 teenage girls in Santa Rosa who set a 8-week-old kitten on fire?? Watch out North Bay, those are 2 potential serial murderers in your midst. A defenseless creature in a cage that you feel would be fun to terrorize. And look, little Adam is fighting to live. His tail and the tips of his ears have been amputated, and his entire back is nothing but raw tissue, the skin having been burned completely off. And yet, look at that face! Eye of the Tiger BABY!!!

Then I hear about one of Oprah's golden retrievers accidental death. Goodness gracious!

And to top it all off, I've been reading about Barbaro the winner of the Kentucky Derby. ... .. By the time I got to the end of his story, I was in absolute tears this morning. And this time it wasn't just my eyes getting misty. My cheeks were wet, nose running. And although I am definitely not a horse hater, I can't say that I've harbored any sort of particular fondness for them either. But what magnificent creatures horses are! I must meet one now....

As this week nears its end, I can't wait to spend time with little Sake to Me. Indeed, she is often the best medicine for what ails me.

And if you see Michael Vick, kick him really hard for me. Just as I'm sure he's done to so many dogs already.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ahoy Mateys!

In the world of adventure and physical challenges, I am what you call a late bloomer. I have only in recent years pushed myself to explore new experiences that I would have previously had run (very fast)away from.

This year will be no different as I am taking on a sailing challenge this October on behalf of the Tallship Education Academy and I humbly ask for your support with a tax-deductible donation at this link. Not only will I be learning how to sail on the San Francisco Bay, I will also be raising money for an educational program that ties academics into sail training and give young students an educational experience that would change how they view themselves, their future and their community. Something I myself never had; hence, the late blooming.

Founded by Caitlin Schwarzman in 1998 at Mercy High School in San Francisco, the Tall Ship Semester for Girls is set apart by four unique elements. First, the students are racially and socio-economically diverse, second, all students’ have demonstrated financial need is met, third, students are all drawn from the San Francisco area and their lessons at sea are tied into their lives during the culminating six weeks in their home community and finally, this program is the only all-girls sail training program in the country.

The 3-days Women’s Challenge is designed to give 12 participants a taste of what the girls will experience during a semester at sea, and all proceeds will benefit the Tall Ship Semester for Girls program. I will be part of a small group that will work together aboard the Schooner Seaward to learn the important skills necessary to sail a large schooner in San Francisco Bay and along the coast. Success will depend not only on individual sailing knowledge but on the strength of the group’s ability to work together as a team. Quite frankly, success will also depend on my ability to avoid seasickness, my not so great ability as a swimmer, and how I deal with the bathroom situation. ACK!

I hope you can help with my fundraising goal (its a doozy!)this year in making a Semester at Sea a reality for a deserving student. And I promise I will have stories o’plenty after my 3 days on the Sea!

I do encourage you to read more about this accredited program: www.tallshipacademy.org
And read about last year’s crew in the San Francisco Chronicle!


Monday, July 16, 2007


I'm not by nature a happy-go-lucky person. (I don't think I am anyway... and for the sake of today's post I ask you to go with me on this one.) Which is why I find those little Simple Pleasure moments few and far between. Sure, they probably happen a lot more often than I give them credit for.. but I'm usually oblivious to them.
But this past Saturday I caught a moment. It was fleeting but lovely nonetheless; a moment comprised of some of my favorite things: coffee, food, and Sake.

Little Sasa was in need of a new collar, so we scuttled down to our favorite pet store in Hayes Valley and tried on a variety of pink collars. She was being such a good girl and almost seemed to enjoy each of the collars she tried on. But I digress. After we decided upon a pink and silver number, we walked down to Blue Bottle Coffee for a shot of caffeine. Delish. I was also eyeing the luscous chocolate macaroons but decided against it. But as I was fishing around for my $3... one of the gals placed a whole platter of the macaroons in front of me with a little handwritten sign... "FREE". My goodness! By the Will of the Gods, I thought,I am meant to have a macaroon! .... So I picked up a piece of chocolate heaven and sauntered on, Sake by my side, latte in one hand, macaroon in the other. Sake looked super cute and ladylike in her new collar, I could hear the *click click* of her steps, happy and proud to be out and about. The latte in hand was hot and soothing, bold with flavor. The macaroon was rich in taste and gooey in just the right texture( and free!).

Indeed, at that moment my friends, I most definitely felt bliss, happy to be alive, no care in the world.... And on a day like today... when I feel most decidedly NOT happy-go-lucky.. boy do I need to hold on to that moment!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Being Green: Episode 1

Or.. Al Gore may I please have a word with you?

A curious story about my attempts at Being Green. One of my bathroom lights blew out today and although a slight annoyance, I thought, yippee! the perfect chance to use the Compact Flurescent Lightbulb (CFL) that I bought but had yet to break open. So I pitpat over to my cupboard and pulled the bulb out with no small amount of self-congratulatory glee. Hmmm...
Is it me? ... Or is there a lot of packaging here for one bulb?

Yes. In fact, methinks there is more packaging wrapped around this bulb then there is around Melanie Griffith's face!

Undaunted, I proceeded to open the package and get my Green on. Except it seemed to take forever. My scissors had a tough time cutting through the thick plastic. I gave up the strategy and tried attacking the plastic with my hands. I pulled and pulled. And with one final try I pulled the two plastic sides apart. Success! ... The bulb came flying out of the packaging and landed 6 inches below onto my new acrylic coffee table. I think you can guess the rest....

Yeah, $7 in the trash. A lot of wasted plastic. And I still have incandescent bulbs in my bathroom......
I've said once, and I'll say it again... its just not so easy being green.....

Friday, July 06, 2007

Bon Voyage Lala!

A hectic Friday... Have much to share but little time to do so.
But I have to send my hugs and kisses and best wishes to the amazing LaLa.
She is off to Morocco today!!!!
May you see amazing sights, hear awesome sounds, and taste delectable tidbits.
But above all else, remember the cranberry pills, and stay away from the fucking fromage!

You're gonna MoROCCo their world.
(Sorry!  Couldn't resist!)