Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let the Games Begin!

Even from Hong Kong, my heart belongs to Tinseltown.  I still love the movies.  I still love all the celebrities slapping each other on the back in their tuxedo'd glory.  And of course, I love the Fashion!
Here, instead of staying up to watch award shows, I haul out of bed early.  Instead of champagne and brie, I had coffee and a pastry. But my excitement remained the same.  I clapped at the upsets, and I cried at the touching speeches.  I laughed at all of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey's jokes, I rolled my eyes at the insincere thank you speeches.  But most of all I coo'd at the gorgeous gowns, and I winced at the fashion disasters.

We've all had time to digest and see all the red-carpet photos.. so, without further ado, my fashion play-by-play:

These ladies are undeniably gorgeous;  I just didn't see the need for the desperate leg-bearing.  Thumbs Down on Leg Bombs!

I give Rosie Huntington-Whitely a pass for being still a relative red-carpet newbie.  But with Halle, Eva, and Heidi, it just seems desperate.
More desperation. Look at me! I quit American Idol but I still need to be relevant so look at me!!
We get it J.Lo.  You have a great ass,  but is this Zuhair Murad vulgarity really necessary?

I am still in shock that this is a Louis Vuitton and not something a Project Runway reject cooked up. Rachel Weisz is gorgeous, this was a real waste. But the hair, makeup, and accessories are impeccable so I give her a pass.
Daniel Craig is the perfect accessory for any occasion...

 This Givenchy gown is beyond hideous, upclose and far away.  It's the wrong silhouette, the wrong color for Amanda Seyfried, the wrong everything.  No wonder she tried to cover half of it up with her hair.
Sorry Amanda, you're my Worst Dressed for the night. (I left Lena Dunham alone, it would've been too easy.)

Let's now focus on the positive. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough of it this year.
I give Anne Hathaway honourable mention for her simple and sleek Chanel  But it's also a bit too safe for my taste. 

I would've liked a bit more lipstick.  Something.

I really liked this easy, breezy Gucci(of course!) glamour from Salma Hayek. Gorgeous and sleek, she showed off her curves like she's not even trying.  Again, earrings add the pop of color.  But her makeup was ashy and just not quite right.
The wrong foundation color; which is ironic considering she has a line of cosmetics!

Yes, I have a girl crush on Emily Blunt, shut up. But her Michael Kors was cut-out done right.  Gorgeous, sexy, sleek, and doesn't scream look at me. I also love the pop of violet in the earrings. All gorgeous, but it all was just a little bit tooooo perfect...

A not so shabby runner-up.

Ultimately, I have got to give Best Dressed to the one look that made me gasp and look again. Lucy Liu's amazing Carolina Herrera dress ended up on some Worst-Dressed lists, and I understand why.  It was audacious, it was bold and it had a point of view.  If you're not on board, well then, too bad so sad.  
Lucy took a risk with this dress and I love that she went with something different.  It is one of the few prints of the night, with a unique voluminous silhouette. But she was so fierce that this big bold number didn't overwhelm her, Lucy owned it like she owned Samantha's Birkin Bag(catch my drift ladies??) Simple jewelry and a fishtail braid help to lighten the look and kept it from heading into wallpaper territory
And pockets too?  Get out.  This is Fabulous.

The Tinseltown Playoff Season is in full swing.  How would you call the competition so far??