Monday, February 09, 2009

Super Doggy Bowl

If you hear a little whooping and hollerin' coming from my living room tonight and tomorrow, don't worry. It's just the annual doggie love fest known as the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Each February you can find me in front of the telly with a huge grin on my face, clapping for my favorites. I just simply can't help it!

Who can forget 2008's Best in Show Champion Uno the beagle (L)? Here he greets RJ (R) another beagle at a preview for this year's Westminster. Uno became a certified therapy last summer as part of the Club's Angel on a Leash program and truer champion there never was!

This year will also see the debut of
the Dogue de Bordeaux, also known as the French Mastiff. It is the only newly-recognized breed eligible for competition this year; the head is the largest of any dog, according to the Kennel Club. Watch for lots of applause when Brando competes in the Working Group! HEAD!!!!!
You had better stand back when they say the words, "May we have the Terrier Group in the ring please." I stand up and clap and whoop and grin and simply act a fool over my favorite group. This
year's Australian Terrier is from Vacaville! w00t!!! And the Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Ch. King's Mtn Minnie Mouse is from San Francisco. Yay!!!

And Vegas has given Sadie, the Scottish Terrier, 18-1 odds of winning the whole shebang. Go Sadie!!

But watch out for a Terrier Showdown as Sadie goes up against Charmin, the #1 terrier in the country. Uh, Charmin is on the right....

(What the French Toast! Sadie takes it!!! First a Scottish Deerhound wins the Hound Group, and now a Scottish Terrier. If it's not Scottish, it's CRRRAP!!)

What more can you ask for? Drama, sportsmanship, grace, and athleticism. Westminster can give the Oscars a run for the money.

And lest you think dogs take any less grooming than Catherine Zeta-Jones, I give you Exhibit A....

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DMD said...

Aha! I was wondering what all that racket was!